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ORBexpress: An Overview

Small, Fast, Reliable Product Family of ORBs

ORBexpress - Netcentric

The ORBexpress® product family is OIS's high-performance implementation of CORBA technology. By using a standards-based solution, you can build applications that are highly portable and interoperable. Using a commercially supported ORB means your developers can focus on application development, not system code. ORBexpress provides a standards-based alternative to in-house, proprietary communication protocols while adding minimal overhead and footprint to your applications. It enables software developers to simplify the development of distributed software applications, build scalable, efficient and robust applications, and reduce overall development time, meeting time-to-market requirements.

Optimized for use in the real-time, embedded, and high-performance development environment, the ORBexpress product family combines performance with extreme reliability. ORBexpress is designed so that unused features are automatically omitted from the target application. ORBexpress provides developers with a small footprint ORB, that is fast, predictable and reliable.

The Product Family

The ORBexpress product family includes four customized products:

  • ORBexpress RT (for C++, Ada, Java or C#), is a uniquely powerful environment for creating high performance, high-reliability, distributed software components. ORBexpress RT goes beyond the Real-time CORBA Specification and was designed to accommodate hard real-time requirements including predictable time behavior, support for different levels of Quality of Service, and plug-in custom transports. It is the world's most widely-used commercial Real-time CORBA ORB.
  • ORBexpress for Android – Solving the problem of Android apps communicating with other devices, ORBexpress for Android provides an easy-to-use communication protocol for connecting disparate systems. Using ORBexpress for Android, developers can now easily connect Android apps, regardless of the Android platform, to applications on desktops, laptops, enterprise servers, Android devices, and other mobile devices using a common protocol.
  • ORBexpress Enterprise - ORBexpress Enterprise, available in C++, C#, Java and Ada, is a high-performance ORB and the core of the ORBexpress product family. This robust implementation of CORBA is the foundation of ORBexpress products and is targeted for data centers, servers and workstations.
  • ORBexpress DSP – ORBexpress DSP extends CORBA benefits to Digital Signal Processors. Architects can optimize DSP resource utilization within their system, as easily as they can refactor processes on a GPP. ORBexpress DSP is ideally suited to meet size, weight, and performance challenges of today’s mission-critical environments.
  • ORBexpress FPGA – ORBexpress FPGA is a lightweight hardware implementation of CORBA targeted for FPGAs. ORBexpress FPGA supports standards-based CORBA operations and all data types. All CORBA message processing is performed directly in FPGA hardware; no GPP is required and the FPGA is not limited to co-processor models of operation.

Regardless of whether you are using a general purpose processor (GPP), digital signal processor (DSP) or Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA), there is a version of ORBexpress that is tailored to meet your needs.

Key ORBexpress Benefits:

  • Real-time - ORBexpress RT internals were designed for maximum performance and deterministic behavior. With features beyond the OMG's Real-time CORBA Specification, ORBexpress provides a development environment for building reliable distributed systems that are predictable from end to end.
  • Fast and Small - Independently recognized as having the smallest and fastest ORB on the market, ORBexpress can be used in embedded environments like network routers, switches, cell phones and PDAs.
  • Scalable - ORBexpress is scalable and is used with very large systems with hundreds or even thousands of IDL interfaces, each of which may have tens of thousands of instances, and still experience fast implementation resolution.
  • Affordable - The most competitive pricing in the industry means simplified pricing for you and your customers.
  • Supported - ORBexpress includes one-year commercial support with every development license. Additional Professional Services such as training, consulting and mentoring are available to help developers reduce risk and development time.
  • Free Training - Every sale of an ORBexpress license includes a 3-day training class at no additional charge.
  • Widely Ported - ORBexpress product family supports the highest number of operating systems, compilers and target platforms in the industry.

ORBexpress In Use

ORBexpress products have satisfied such demanding customers as Atlas Elektronik, The Boeing Company, BAE Systems, British Aerospace, CERN, Daimler-Benz, EADS, Ericsson, Eurocontrol, General Dynamics, Harris, Havelsan, Honeywell, Hughes Network Systems, Indra, ISR Technologies, ITT, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Lawrence Livermore National Labs, Lockheed Martin, Lucent, Lyrtech, Nikon, Nortel, Northrop Grumman, Philips, Raytheon, Rockwell Collins, Saab, Samsung, Sandia, Selex Communications, Spectrum Signal, Telefunken, Thales, TRW, Ultra Electronics TCS, the U.S. Department of Defense, ViaSat and many others.

See the wide variety of industries using ORBexpress.