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Connect Your Android App to Any Platform, Anywhere with ORBexpress® for Android™

ORBexpress provides a lightweight communication framework that enables Android™ apps to communicate with applications and other devices everywhere. Developers of Android apps can now extend their apps to other devices, other systems and enterprise networks and applications. With ORBexpress for Android, the integration of these systems is simplified and easy.

The current Android SDK provides for connection among Android apps on the same device, but doesn’t address inter-process communication off the device. With ORBexpress, the challenge to connect Android apps to other devices is simplified. ORBexpress gives Android developers an easy path to exchange data with other systems, regardless of the computing device.

Using a common protocol, ORBexpress integrates easily with existing environments. This common protocol makes the exchange of application data easy and simple. ORBexpress provides a bridge that enables transparent communication to connect disparate systems to enterprise applications, networks, and other devices.

Because ORBexpress fully supports multi-threaded distributed applications across on all platforms, apps can communicate off the Android OS without impacting the application's responsiveness. ORBexpress for Android enables applications to communicate in the background without affecting the responsiveness of the UI.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I use ORBexpress to connect my Android app to other devices?
  2. Absolutely. This is one of the many benefits of using ORBexpress. With ORBexpress, you can communicate with other Android devices, PCs, other mobile devices, and enterprise networks and applications. Regardless of the architecture, programming language or operating system of the devices you want to connect to.

  3. Can I do a direct peer-to-peer communication with ORBexpress?
  4. Yes. There is no need to use any kind of intermediate server. ORBexpress fully supports direct peer-to-peer interaction. Feel free to contact us to discuss the best way to achieve this for your app.

  5. Do I need a public IP address to implement ORBexpress on Android?
  6. No. ORBexpress does not require a public IP address to implement ORBexpress on an Android app.

  7. Can I use ORBexpress to connect my Android app to a server?
  8. Yes. ORBexpress makes this connection easy and painless.

  9. Do I need to use a web server or something like it to take advantage of ORBexpress' communications?
  10. No. ORBexpress supports a wide variety of mechanisms for implementing your communications. Using a server is only one of many options that are available when you use ORBexpress.

  11. Do I need to worry about which Android device I am using? The Android device fragmentation problem is causing me headaches.
  12. No, you do not need to worry about device fragmentation. ORBexpress supplies a unified interface for communication, so your application's communication will work on all of the different Android devices without any rewriting.

  13. How reliable is ORBexpress?
  14. ORBexpress is so reliable that it is used in the world's most mission critical systems, including nuclear fusion ignition systems, the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, MRI medical devices, software-defined radios, avionics and a multitude of other systems.

Please contact your Account Manager, or fill out an Information Request form, to get an evaluation copy of ORBexpress for Android so you can experience for yourself the benefits of using the world's fastest, smallest and most robust communications middleware.