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Military and Aerospace

Twenty-first Century military and aerospace systems need to communicate, and only CORBA provides seamless interoperability across platforms, operating systems and programming languages in a heterogeneous environment.

The Department of Defense, defense contractors and aerospace companies choose ORBexpress® for their systems because of its minimal footprint, blinding speed and low overhead. ORBexpress is the fastest ORB on the market and a number of independent benchmarks run by system integrators have confirmed the speed of ORBexpress.

Examples of ORBexpress in action

Apache Longbow Aegis THAAD
Multi Mission Helicopter.jpg Boeing WedgeTail Falcon III JTRS Radio

ORBexpress provides critical real-time CORBA capabilities to support deterministic systems. It provides capabilities beyond the Real-time CORBA standard, because - in hard real-time systems - fast isn't enough. Used where predictability is critical, ORBexpress supports customization of pluggable transports for embedded CORBA applications. Defense and Avionics systems, no longer limited to TCP/IP, can use CORBA over such varied transports as VME and PCI hardware busses, RACE++, FibreChannel, switched fabric, shared memory, Myrinet, VME backplane or Link-16.

Defense Applications
  • Command and Control
  • Software Defined Radio
  • Missile Defense Systems
  • Weapons Systems
  • Modeling and Simulation
  • Vehicle Control Systems
  • Sonar and Radar Image Processing
  • Avionics Communications
  • Satellite Guidance and Navigation
  • Satellite Onboard Processing
  • Air Traffic Control systems

ORBexpress is the ORB of choice in many DoD programs including, the JTRS software defined radio efforts; the BMC3I and THAAD missile systems; the update to AWACS, the Wedgetail program; the high performance needs of sonar and radar projects, including Aegis; and next-generation vehicle systems. CORBA is also being used in avionics mission control. ORBexpress is part of satellite communications systems and Eurocontrol uses ORBexpress as part of their air traffic control system.

An independent benchmark by the DII-COE RT IPT, conducted by The Boeing Company's Phantomworks Group, confirmed ORBexpress' blinding speed.