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High Assurance

"Failure is not an option" was a historic statement for Apollo 13, but it's business as usual for the high assurance system developer. Challenging goals such as one failure per billion operating hours can be met and even exceeded for your code, but only if your middleware foundation is as equally reliable.

F-35 Joint Strike Fighter
High Assurance Applications
More and more applications today place higher emphasis on both safety and security.

  • Avionics Software
  • Communications Software
  • Transportation Software
  • Medical Imaging and Diagnostic Equipment
  • Robotics
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Safety-critical applications demand the highest level of quality in their software. This is why ORBexpress is the preferred choice for developers of safety-critical systems when choosing their communications framework.

OIS advances the state of the art for middleware correctness. Multiple OIS engineers make use of formal methods tools that can mathematically prove software correctness. OIS has established relationships with the leading source code static analysis tool vendors to prevent bugs before they happen. OIS is at the forefront of research, in partnership with the tool vendors, to extend static analysis capabilities so that middleware users will have tools available that can verify that middleware is used correctly by verifying pre-conditions and post-conditions.

Learn more how ORBexpress can help you meet your highest assurance goals.