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Medical Devices

Medical devices and equipment are rigorously designed to perform specific tasks. To integrate them effectively with other devices safely and securely requires significant additional system engineering. Commercial, high assurance communications middleware can provide an off-the-shelf solution for designers of medical devices and equipment to provide the highest level of safety and security for their system communications.

CORBA is regularly used in medical devices and equipment in order to provide a standards-based, heterogeneous communications framework. ORBexpress® is designed to operate in mission-critical embedded and real-time applications, making it is possible to use CORBA in every aspect of medical devices and equipment.

ORBexpress® and PCSexpress™ provide the flexibility and scale of integration necessary not only for each individual device, but also for their end-to-end integration.

Medical Device Applications
  • Medical Diagnostic Devices
  • Medical Imaging Systems
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Handheld Medical Devices
  • Remote Medical Robotics Systems

A number of different medical device manufacturers have chosen ORBexpress as their core communications framework for development of their medical devices. Contact OIS to learn more about how OIS products can help speed the development of safe and secure, certifiable medical devices.