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Real-time and Embedded CORBA

Why ORBexpress for Real-time and Embedded systems? Because ORBexpress is simply the easiest way for a complex system to communicate to a world full of differences.

CORBA is Simply the Best Way to Connect

Regardless of whether you are using a general purpose processor (GPP), digital signal processor (DSP) or Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA), there is a version of ORBexpress that is tailored to meet your needs.

You will really appreciate the features of ORBexpress if you:

  • Use an embedded operating system, or
  • Want access to transport protocols beyond TCP/IP, or
  • Use the native thread priorities in your operating system, or
  • Want to control and bound the resources used by the ORB, or
  • Want to control the Quality of Service parameters to optimize use of your transport, or
  • Want to build a predictable distributed system.

ORBexpress is available for a wide variety of different real-time and embedded environments:

  • ORBexpress RT for C++, C#, Ada or Java, for general purpose processors.
  • ORBexpress for Android for Android-based systems.
  • ORBexpress DSP for digital signal processors
  • ORBexpress FPGA – a lightweight hardware implementation of CORBA targeted for FPGAs.

ORBexpress for Real-time and Embedded Systems

ORBexpress® is a uniquely powerful communications framework for creating high performance, high-reliability, distributed applications. ORBexpress is used for the development of real-time systems, where reliability and predictability are critical. Going beyond the Real-time CORBA Specification, ORBexpress provides developers the tools they need to ensure the success of their project.

Optimized for use in the real-time, embedded, and high-performance development environment, the ORBexpress product family combines performance with extreme reliability. ORBexpress is designed so that unused features are automatically omitted from the target application. ORBexpress provides developers with a small footprint ORB, that is fast, predictable and reliable.

ORBexpress was designed to accommodate hard real-time requirements including predictable time behavior, support for different levels of Quality of Service, and plug-in custom transports. ORBexpress also fully supports the new CORBA/e (CORBA for embedded) standard. Request your own copy of the OIS CORBA/e Whitepaper.

Please contact your Account Manager, or fill out an Information Request form, to get an evaluation copy of ORBexpress so you can experience for yourself the benefits of using the world's fastest, smallest and most robust ORB.