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DMMfx Animator™ and DMMfx Engine™ provide the first real-time material physics for building military simulations. DMMfx Animator and DMMfx Engine enable rapid development of highly-realistic visually immersive environments containing objects that accurately model the physical fidelity of movement. DMMfx objects respond in a lifelike manner based on their physical properties without the use of manual, prearranged results. See demos of DMMfx that show the incredible range of effects you can achieve in real-time in your simulation.

DMMfx Animator and DMMfx Engine are based on the revolutionary Digital Molecular Matter technology created by Pixelux Entertainment, an industry innovator in video game realism. Applying the laws of physics in real-time means that when a user blows up a brick wall, that wall breaks apart in ways that are true to its physical properties as opposed to manual, pre-scripted animations. DMMfx computes this real-time simulation of physics utilizing the principles of finite element modeling, the same technology utilized by designers to model the physical properties of everything from jet aircraft to automotive engines.

DMMfx achieves this amazing level of realism by using finite element technology to model the physical stresses that arise within physical materials. Artists create visual assets which they then convert into physically interactable assets by using the DMMfx Animator tools. DMMfx includes a library of physical materials including steel, stone, rubber, glass and many others to accelerate your development time.

Download the DMMfx for Military Simulation Data Sheet.

DMMfx tank through wood wall

Key Features:

  • Unparalleled Physical Fidelity
    Create realistic material-physics-based environments where objects can bend and fracture just as they do in real-life.
  • Vastly Improve Design Time
    Save days, weeks and even months of scene authoring time by using simulation-based animation.
  • Easy Integration
    Simple API means easy integration with your simulation environment.
DMMfx tank through brick wall Overhead shot of DMMfx tank through wood wall

Materials are represented in DMMfx by a set of "material parameters" that the simulation takes into account. A DMMfx content creator has complete control over these parameters to tune an object's material, being able to adjust, for example, how soft or rigid an object is and how easily it may fracture. The range of options even includes materials that weaken and break after repeated bending. Another feature of this system is realistic collisions and contact between objects with different materials. DMMfx's collision system is capable of handling the complex shapes that arise with deformation and fracture.

See Digital Molecular Matter: Realistic Material Damage for Military Training Simulations, Military Embedded Systems, September 2008, and Military Simulations Get Real, COTS Journal, March 2008, for an in-depth analysis of the benefits of DMMfx.

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Note: DMMfx Animator™ and DMMfx Engine™are under exclusive license for the defense, aerospace, homeland security and public safety markets from Pixelux Entertainment.