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Process Control

Process control requires the integration of a variety of computers with a vast array of control points. Everything communicates in real-time, including the embedded control systems. The technology of real-time CORBA enables this communication integration with minimal impact while meeting crucial deadlines and performance goals.

CORBA is designed to let different platforms - CPU, operating system and compiler - work together seamlessly. ORBexpress®, tailored to the diverse nature of the process control industry, is targeted to real-time and embedded systems, and available on the widest variety of platforms of any ORB.

ORBexpress powers some of the most sophisticated process control systems in the world

The process control system components are made up of more than simple Ethernet and TCP/IP connections. With ORBexpress providing the ability to plug-in additional transports to the ORB, applications can make use of any media, like ATM, Firewire, Fibrechannel, serial, switched fabric and more, while retaining transparent interoperability.

Process Control Applications
  • Manufacturing/Assembly
  • Test and Measurement
  • Real-time Device Control
  • Real-time Imaging
  • Factory Internet and Intranet

This is why CORBA is used in applications like pick and place surface mount technology assembly equipment. ORBexpress is the backbone technology of Lawrence Livermore National Labs National Ignition Facility and is being used by CERN as well.