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Enterprise CORBA for Data Centers, Servers and Workstations

ORBexpress powers the highest performing Data Centers and Server RoomsORBexpress® Enterprise embodies our commitment to tackling high-end enterprise integration problems with high-performance, robust, standards-based solutions. ORBexpress is used in some of the world's most demanding mission-critical systems such as nuclear fusion ignition systems, missile defense systems, satellite control systems, banking systems and C4I (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence) systems. Learn details on how ORBexpress Enterprise solves your enterprise needs.

ORBexpress Enterprise is the enterprise CORBA product that organizations turn to when they need extremely high performance, scalability and robustness. ORBexpress scales to hundreds of thousands of nodes. Whether it's a server farm that needs the highest possible throughput, distributed data centers that need fast, robust communications, or a high-performance workstation, ORBexpress Enterprise is the solution of choice.

ORBexpress has been independently benchmarked by organizations such as Lockheed Martin's Advanced Technology Laboratory as the fastest ORB in the world. The small, efficient memory footprint of ORBexpress adds virtually no additional latency to communications.

Companies turn to ORBexpress when they have projects where failure is not an option. Thousands of developers across the world rely on ORBexpress to ensure that their project gets completed on-time and on-budget. Our world-class technical support has received independent industry acclaim as being fast, responsive and thorough. We are dedicated to solving your problems, no matter where they arise.

ORBexpress is continuously being enhanced to support new features, updates and new combinations of operating systems, compilers and processor architectures. ORBexpress supports the widest variety of platforms of any ORB in the world, currently in excess of 2000 different binary platforms. ORBexpress represents the best ORB product from a well-established company with a long-term commitment to the CORBA market for companies or projects that require an equally long-term support commitment for their investment in a CORBA-based solution.

ORBexpress is used worldwide throughout the military and aerospace, finance, telecommunications, medical equipment, transportation, data communications, robotics, industrial automation and consumer electronics markets. ORBexpress Enterprise is available in C++, C#, Java™ and Ada, supporting many different operating systems and processors.

Please contact your Account Manager, or fill out an Information Request form, to get an evaluation copy of ORBexpress Enterprise so you can experience for yourself the benefits of using the world's fastest, most robust and affordable ORB.