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Over the last decade, CORBA has become an industry standard in telecommunications. In areas such as Telecom Network Management (TNM), CORBA ORBs are regularly used to provide element management and information to a variety of heterogeneous clients.

Until recently, CORBA's usage was limited to areas where performance was not critical. With Objective Interface's ORBexpress® (designed to operate in embedded and real-time applications) it is possible to use CORBA in embedded telecom and datacom applications at the network level. ORBexpress is a lightweight CORBA-compliant product optimized for the real-time and embedded environment. Small and fast, with minimal overhead, ORBexpress provides control over the resources, threads, timing and scheduling of real-time distributed communication - ensuring real-time deadlines are met.

ORBexpress provides for plug-in transports to the ORB. No longer limited to TCP/IP, telecom and datacom applications use fast, deterministic media such as switched fabric, shared memory, ATM and hardware buses while retaining interoperability to external applications. ORBexpress also provides the necessary customization for embedded CORBA applications.

ORBexpress is used in a wide variety of telecom and datacom products
Telecom/Datacom Applications
  • Network Management/Operations
  • Optical Switching Infrastructure
  • Core Network
  • Transmission Network Systems
  • Wireless Base Station

This is why ORBexpress is the technology of choice for a major telecom provider's next generation switch. Which is also why ORBexpress was picked by Fujitsu for use in the network elements of their latest product, why Lumos Technologies ported their CORBA Management Agent to ORBexpress, why a major telecommunications equipment manufacturer is using ORBexpress in Network Management Systems and why many optical switch startups look to ORBexpress for their products.