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Connecting a large number of computer systems in real-time is the key to a successful, modern transportation system. Since many of these systems are embedded devices and may communicate by media other than the traditional office Ethernet, a real-time and embedded CORBA product is ideally suited to enable this connectivity.

Lives depend on the timely fashion in which a transportation system performs monitoring and controlling. ORBexpress® is the fastest, high-performance ORB on the market and provides the predictable response needed to build correct real-time systems.

The types of communications requirements may vary in any transportation system. And, since ORBexpress supports plug-in transports, applications can communicate using not only TCP/IP, but also other protocols and networking technologies such as wireless, ATM, shared memory and more.


ORBexpress is used in a wide variety of transport industries
Transportation Applications
  • Monitoring and Control
  • Collection Control Systems
  • Cargo Tracking Management
  • Intelligent Vehicle Highway Systems

Transportation applications include cargo tracking systems at U.S. airports. CORBA is also used in passport control systems to support criminal screening. ORBexpress is used by Paranor to build the Monitoring, Control and Alarm System for the Kingcat luxury yacht and Alcatel CGA Transports uses ORBexpress in their metro fare collection systems.