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High Performance CORBA for Data Centers, Servers and Workstations

Available in C++, Java™ and Ada

Why ORBexpress Enterprise? Because ORBexpress Enterprise is simply the easiest way for complex systems to communicate to a world full of differences.

You will really appreciate the features of ORBexpress Enterprise if you:

  • If you need extreme performance and scalability, or
  • If you need portability across processors and operating systems to expand the life of your applications, or
  • If you deploy into heterogeneous processor, operating system, or implementation language environments, or
  • If your organization requires world-class support from a company that supports customers with the most sophisticated and demanding distributed applications in the world, or
  • If your organization creates and deploys long lived applications that require a company dedicated to its products for the long term.

ABOUT: ORBexpress Enterprise

ORBexpress® Enterprise is the middleware solution for building self-hosted multi-tier, distributed systems. It enables your application components to communicate with each other no matter where they are located or who has designed them. Using ORBexpress Enterprise, client/server applications can transparently run across multiple platforms, operating systems, programming languages, and compilers. ORBexpress Enterprise targets desktop and server applications using TCP/IP that need a fast ORB and world-class reliability.

Designed to address the core challenges of distributed applications, ORBexpress Enterprise provides a fast, standards-based alternative to in-house, proprietary messaging protocols. This enables developers to focus on applications, not communications. ORBexpress Enterprise developers can build robust distributed systems with all the advantages of their programming language's efficiency and robust tool support.

FEATURES: ORBexpress Enterprise

  • Broad Programming Language Support: ORBexpress Enterprise is available in native language versions of C++, Java and Ada.
  • Tested Interoperability: ORBexpress Enterprise fully supports IIOP™ (Internet Inter-ORB Protocol), the CORBA standard, vendor-independent protocol. Through IIOP, ORBexpress Enterprise offers proven interoperability with other IIOP-compliant ORBs and middleware.
  • Full Multi-Threading: ORBexpress Enterprise fully supports multi-threaded distributed applications on all platforms. The product provides a portable thread and synchronization primitive library providing high performance and cross platform consistency.
  • Fast Multiplexing Connection Model: The ORBexpress Enterprise connection management maintains high performance as the number of objects, operations, and threads are increased. Multiple requests to a server from different threads share the same connection. Requests can be processed in parallel by multiple server threads.
  • Portability: ORBexpress Enterprise enables true application portability. ORBexpress Enterprise has a fully featured Portable Object Adapter (POA) to ensure portability of object implementations. The ORBexpress IDL (Interface Definition Language) compiler generates readable and portable code.
  • Optimized Collocation: ORBexpress Enterprise provides the architectural flexibility of complete location transparency, including collocation of objects in the same process. ORBexpress Enterprise optimizes invocations between collocated objects to a local function call, maximizing performance.
  • Fault Resilient Connections: ORBexpress Enterprise facilitates fault-resilient connections between a client and server, enabling the development of highly available systems. Alternate paths to a server can be established. On failure to establish a connection or failure of an established connection, ORBexpress Enterprise can retry on the same path, use an alternate path, or fail over to an alternate server.
  • Flexible, Controllable Quality of Service: ORBexpress Enterprise supports synchronous and asynchronous messaging to provide flexibility for your application. Reliability options allow tuning to your application needs.

BENEFITS: ORBexpress Enterprise

  • Fast - Independently recognized as the fastest ORB on the market. ORBexpress is the preferred ORB for performance critical environments.
  • Efficient – Designed to use minimal system resources so that you can meet and exceed your performance requirements.
  • Scalable - ORBexpress is scalable: used in very large systems of hundreds of thousands of distributed objects while retaining fast system performance.
  • Flexible – ORBexpress provides object relocation with no source modification.
  • World Class Support - ORBexpress Enterprise includes one-year of maintenance, support and upgrades with every development license.
  • Affordable - The most competitive pricing in the industry means simplified pricing for you and your customers.
  • Free Training – Every development license includes a 3-day CORBA Development Using ORBexpress training class at no additional cost.
  • MentoringProfessional Services such as additional training, consulting and mentoring are available to help you reduce risk and development time.
  • Widely Ported - ORBexpress Enterprise supports a wide variety of processors, compilers, and operating systems. View a list of ORBexpress enterprise platforms.

Please contact your Account Manager, or fill out an Information Request Form, to get an evaluation copy of ORBexpress so you can experience for yourself the benefits of using the world's fastest, most robust and affordable ORB.