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Articles, Presentations and Papers

As a leader in the development of embedded, high-performance, and real-time middleware solutions, OIS continues to be active participants at leading distributed computing workshops, seminars, and trade shows held around the world. Our research & development in object-oriented technology, coupled with the product development efforts of our market leading object request broker, ORBexpress®, provides us with many opportunities to speak about CORBA, embedded, and real-time applications.

We've provided a collection of articles, presentations and papers available for download, concentrating on our development efforts in embedded, high-performance, and real-time CORBA; high-assurance secure communications middleware; avionics; and real-time physical modeling for simulations.

Real-Time and Embedded CORBA

No Processor Is an Island: Developing Multiple Processor Systems with the “New” CORBA. By enabling system-level architects to describe functionality in multiple processor systems as if it were all implemented on a single processor, CORBA allows greater architectural flexibility, especially since functionality is never locked into a particular implementation. RTC Magazine

Building multiprocessor-based SDR systems with CORBA and SCA-Lite. CORBA is the required middleware layer for SCA-based SDRs. Commercial CORBA ORBs are high-performance, small-footprint software products that provide the communications framework in single-processor and multiprocessor SDR systems. EE Times Asia

CORBA for FPGAs: Tying together GPPs, DSPs, and FPGAs. As signal processing systems become larger and more complex, system builders are running into a performance wall. In order to achieve the desired performance requirements of these extensive systems, modern signal processing systems often combine DSPs, GPPs and FPGAs. Military Embedded Systems

SDR Looks to New Middleware. EETimes has published an article describing how Objective Interface is the leader in developing new middleware for software-defined radios (SDR), including ORBexpress FPGA implementing an ORB directly into VHDL. EE Times

Why Multiprocessor DSP Systems Need CORBA. CORBA enables software components in a multiprocessor system to easily communicate--regardless of what language they are written in, what OS they run on, or where they are located. Even better, CORBA makes it easy to move functionality between DSPs, GPPs, and FPGAs. DSP DesignLine

"Not Your Father's CORBA" - An Architecture for Embedded and Real-Time Systems. The new CORBA/e is the high-performance architecture of choice for distributed real-time and embedded environments. RTC Magazine


Migrating legacy middleware to multicore environments. Most legacy middleware is not able to use all the benefits of multicore processor’s today, but implementation with multicore-capable middleware like ORBexpress can simplify system designs while allowing the reuse of legacy source code with minimal programming as a low-risk, low-cost option. Military Embedded Systems

MILS (Multiple Independent Levels of Security)

Building Middleware for Security and Safety Critical Systems. Whether you are designing a nuclear fusion ignition system, an advanced weapons system, an unmanned robotics vehicle or an integrated avionics suite, safety or security critical systems typically require certifications that their software content meets all of its requirements.

MILS Middleware for Secure Distributed Systems. Complex systems are designed and implemented in layers. In secure systems, trust is distributed among those layers. RTC Magazine

MILS: High-Assurance Security at Affordable Costs. Now that the Internet and high-speed communications have made it possible to connect military and aerospace systems throughout the world through the U.S. Department of Defense’s Global Information Grid (GIG), information networks are more vulnerable than ever. COTS Journal

Multilevel data security scheme gains support. New software is being designed to meet the Multiple Independent Levels of Security (MILS) standard developed by the National Security Agency, the U.S. Air Force Laboratory and several other private and governmental security technology organizations. EE Times


Perspectives: Combining Safety and Security Certifications for Avionics. The certification approaches used in high-assurance military/intelligence applications, such as multilevel-secure and cross-domain solutions, can provide additional valuable assurances to avionics safety certifications. Avionics Magazine

Physical Modeling & Simulation

Military Simulations Get Real. Using Digital Molecular Matter (DMM) simulation, wood breaks like wood, metal bends and tears like metal, and glass shatters like glass. The result is more realistic military simulation and training programs. COTS Journal
Digital Molecular Matter: Realistic Material Damage for Military Training Simulations Using Real-time Finite Element Analysis. Depicting material damage in military simulations has traditionally been a labor-intensive and expensive proposition. Now a new technology called Digital Molecular Matter (DMM), using real-time Finite Element Analysis (FEA), promises to drastically improve simulation realism while reducing development time and cost. Military Embedded Systems