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ORBexpress DSP for Resource-Constrained Signal Processing


ORBexpress® DSP enables developers to easily move portions of their applications to different parts of their system to maximize overall performance and reduce time-to-market. Request your own copy of the OIS Whitepaper "Why Multiprocessor DSP Systems Need CORBA".


  • High-performance, small footprint. ORBexpress also fully supports the new CORBA/e (CORBA for embedded) standard.
  • Enables easy integration and interoperability of DSPs with GPPs and FPGAs in a single system.
  • Provides simple and fluid distribution of logic and data throughout your system.
  • Easy to upgrade legacy code to take advantage of increased functionality.
  • High-performance, standards-based protocols make it easy to implement communications in your system.
  • Every license of ORBexpress DSP includes the ORBexpress Naming Service, the ORBexpress Event Service and the Light Weight Logging Service at no additional cost.


  • ORBexpress gives developers the tools for simple and fluid distribution of logic throughout the system. It also provides for the easy transfer of logic to any target processor type (GPP or DSP). This allows tasks to be assigned to the processor that can most efficiently execute the task logic.
  • ORBexpress provides a set of transport protocols that interconnect all of the different processor types in a high-performance, flexible and reconfigurable way. This provides uniform communication mechanisms for each type of developer (DSP or GPP).
  • ORBexpress allows a development team to leverage the benefits of location transparency to optimize the complete system. OIS  provides a complete software suite: ORBexpress RT targeting GPPs and ORBexpress DSP targeting TI C64xx DSPs.
  • ORBexpress provides the high-performance framework that separates the application code from the transport allowing a choice of transport methods without disturbing application code.

Advantages for DSP and the GPP Developers

  • Allows you to re-assign non-essential tasks from the DSP to the GPP leaving only the performance-critical functionality on the DSP.
  • Makes no difference which protocol is used to provide the data to the DSP because the format is independent of the protocol.
  • Does not matter which protocol is used to send the data from the DSP because the format is independent of the protocol.
  • Multiple different protocols provided "out-of-the-box".
  • Easy to write additional transport protocols. Write once, use often.
  • Makes optimizing the DSP code with the rest of the system easier.

Advantages for the System Architect

  • Decisions about deployment of application logic to the different processing units can be delayed until late in the development cycle.
  • Standards-based software means access to a large community of trained developers ready to be productive on day one.
  • Design systems that survive component changes.
  • Tools to optimize the complete system, not just individual components.

Please contact your Account Manager, or fill out an Information Request form, to get an evaluation copy of ORBexpress DSP so you can experience for yourself the benefits of using the world's fastest, smallest and most robust ORB to maximize your connectivity across devices.