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Corporate Overview

OIS OfficeObjective Interface Systems (OIS), a leader in real-time, embedded, and high-performance communications software, provides its customers with advanced real-time connectivity software development tools for use in products throughout the military/aerospace, high assurance, telecommunications, data communications, process control, medical equipment, robotics, finance, transportation and consumer electronics industries. A privately held company, OIS has been developing high-performance software applications since 1989.

A pioneer in the development and adoption of advanced real-time Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA) technology, OIS helps customers understand the uses, applications, and advantages of using CORBA for seamless application connectivity. Widely considered "experts" within the real-time community, Objective Interface continues to develop cutting edge, real-time commercial applications through continuous research and development efforts. Committed to customer success, OIS provides unprecedented customer support, and market-leading technologies.

OIS is actively involved within the Object Management Group (OMG), a standards group specifying a common architecture for building distributed systems, common services for use in such systems, and protocols for interoperability among implementations. Objective Interface is a key contributor in the development of CORBA and DDS standards. For example, OIS has been the editor or key contributor to the following standards: Real-Time CORBA, High Assurance CORBA, CORBA/e the new minimum CORBA, Lightweight Services, High Performance Enablers, Fault Tolerant CORBA, Data Distribution Specification, Portable Interceptors, Dynamic Scheduling (Real-Time CORBA v2.0) and Multicast: Unreliable and Ordered Reliable.

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