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Physical Modeling and Simulation with DMMfx

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Train tressel being destroyed in real-time with DMMfx

Historically, in order to deform and break objects in a simulation, artists had to draw hundreds of individual frames to show the slightest bit of motion or movement. Now, with the addition of DMMfx this interaction is not predefined. You draw your object once and it is able to break and deform in infinite ways. Objects react based on their physical properties. Glass shatters. Steel bends. Concrete crumbles....

Our new product, DMMfx (Digital Molecular Matter), determines how all materials in a simulation will deform, fracture and move. Applying DMMfx saves literally thousands of hours of animator time. This approach creates an environment that reacts and changes spontaneously based on user input. »more

See demos of DMMfx that show the wide range of effects you can achieve in real-time in your simulation, or learn more about DMMfx.

This is a captured animation snapshot of DMMfx in action. The incurred damage is rendered in real-time and not hand-drawn frame-by-frame. Learn more and see DMMfx in action »

Traditional Development Techniques are Simplified with DMMfx
Traditional TechniqueWhat is it?ProblemsDMMfx Solution
Art Swap Artist pre-defines how all objects move and must create by hand each and every image in a scene sequence
  • Extremely time-consuming
  • All of the movement of the objects in a scene -- how they deform, fracture, what happens when they collide, etc. -- must be predetermined by the artist, without any ability to change it in the actual simulation to reflect actions in the simulation.
  • Every scene that has movement of a common object looks exactly the same, regardless of the action in the scene.
  • Draw the asset only once
  • Models the true forces and reactions of the physical materials that are depicted in the scenes generated for the simulated environment
Rigid Body Physics Simulator Software that simulates rigid physical properties of an object
  • Not a very good approximation of what happens in the real world - limited to idealized rigid materials
  • Rigid bodies cannot simulate any real-world deformation since they do not utilize the full set of physical equations that model these behaviors
  • DMMfx handles soft-bodies, plastically deforming (e.g., bending metal) and breakable objects all within the same system
  • DMMfx objects bend, break, sag, fold, spring back, plastically deform, etc., as they would in the real world

Learn more about how DMMfx can dramatically improve the quality and user experience of your simulations.