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Software Defined Radio

Providing the greatest flexibility to future generations of warfighters, the next generation of radios for the U.S. military are being developed as software defined radios (SDR). The U.S. Department of Defense program for developing these next generation radios is called the Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS). ORBexpress® is the core applications and communications infrastructure for virtually every JTRS program.

The JTRS achitecture is based on the Software Communications Architecture (SCA). In order to provide a flexible, high-performance environment, SCA-based SDRs use CORBA as the communications architecture framework for the design and deployment of their radio application.

CORBA is a key component providing flexibility in the SCA. The SCA enables software re-use, common hardware and software platforms, reduction in production costs, and field upgradeability.

ORBexpress is the only CORBA ORB to be SCA-certified not just once, but many times in a variety of JTRS radios that are being used in the field today.

"Our JEM radio, using ORBexpress as part of its Operating Environment, proves that the SCA can be implemented in a size, weight and power-constrained environment, . . . Objective Interface was very responsive to our needs for strict standards compliance and fast engineering turnaround."
Doug Bishop, Vice President of Engineering, Thales

A few examples of ORBexpress in field-deployed software defined radios:

ORBexpress in use in Harris Falcon III, Thales JEM, and Ultra Electronics AN/GRC-245 software defined radios

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