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ORBexpress® meets the high-level quality and security requirements essential to financial business reliability. ORBexpress is the fastest, highest-performance ORB on the market and provides the predictable response needed to build correct and secure real-time systems.

Most importantly, ORBexpress is the world's first, and only, communications middleware to undergo a rigorous security evaluation and certification under the internationally recognized Common Criteria standards. This makes ORBexpress the ideal solution for banks and other financial institutions that are concerned about the security of the communications infrastructure of their applications.

CORBA connects the most diverse software components via an infrastructural layer with multi-language, multi-platform and multi-transport support. ORBexpress provides critical real-time CORBA capabilities to support deterministic systems. It provides capabilities beyond the Real-time CORBA standard, because - in hard real-time systems - fast isn't enough. Used where predictability is critical, ORBexpress supports customization of pluggable transports for embedded CORBA applications.

ORBexpress is used in a variety of finance products and systems

Finance Applications
  • ATMs
  • Personal On-Line Banking Services
  • Brokerage and Securities Systems
  • Commercial On-Line Banking Systems
  • Financial Services

ORBexpress provides a strong base for the development of a comprehensive architecture that easily satisfies the growing needs of e-banking.