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OIS Telecommunications Platform

The New OIS Telecommunications Platform features ORBexpress® RT, ORBexpress DSP, and ORBexpress FPGA, OIS's high-performance communications middleware products. In addition, PCSexpress, the world's first high-assurance communications software, is available as part of this platform. PCSexpress provides military-grade security, designed for the highest levels of national security, to telecommunications systems at a COTS price.

Key Features:

  • Trio of standards-based CORBA object request brokers (ORBs) which provide a flexible, upgradeable, and high-performance communications infrastructure for telecom and network equipment—in a very small footprint;
  • Support for partial reconfigurability on the FPGA, which simplifies programming while significantly increasing application code reuse; this is critical in sophisticated systems such as base stations which are upgraded in the field;
  • Support for high-security communications through PCSexpress, the only commercially available communications middleware product designed for the highest levels of security, including High Robustness;
  • Support for multiple pluggable transports with Quality of Service (QoS), such as Ethernet and RDMA technologies (e.g. RapidIO™ and INFINIBAND), takes care of communications on the boards and the backplane—without requiring any rewriting of transport protocols.

Available Now:

Contact your Account Representative, or fill out an Information Request Form, to learn more about how the OIS Telecommunications Platform can simplify and speed your program's development.