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Major Telecommunications Equipment Manufacturer

Network Management Systems Use ORBexpress

A leading developer of Resilient Packet Ring Optical Ethernet solutions for Metropolitan Area Networks selected ORBexpress for Network Management System development. This telco equipment manufacturer is implementing network management systems for Metro carriers that are using their Resilient Packet Ring Optical Ethernet solutions for deployment in Metropolitan Area Networks. ORBexpress® is playing a key role in the development of the embedded network management component.

When asked why they chose ORBexpress, the Senior Director of Software Engineering said, "We chose ORBexpress to enable us to quickly bring up the embedded component of our network management solution. We needed a solution that would provide real time performance, high reliability, and proven interoperability with other CORBA platforms. The decision to use ORBexpress allowed us to focus on adding value, rather than spending time developing infrastructure."

Result: The Equipment Manufacturer pioneered Resilient Packet Ring architectures for operators of metropolitan area networks that are optimized for data traffic and delivers service guarantees and cost efficiencies not achievable with other technologies. Their 10 Gbps packet ring architecture combines the lower cost and simplicity of optical Ethernet with advanced bandwidth and service management techniques. Their solution establishes 10 Gbps packet rings as the most service-efficient and cost-effective technology for lighting the edge of the optical Internet.