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IBM Rational
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IBM Rational

The Rational platform for software development—the industry's only life-cycle foundation for designing, developing, testing, and deploying software—can help you develop better software faster. Rational's unique platform empowers teams to build software with the precision, automation, and confidence that comes from adopting a proven software development approach.

The Rational platform features seamless integration among the best practices you follow, the tools you use, and the services you call upon to accelerate success. Everyone benefits from this solution - development team members work faster, customers and stakeholders find it simpler to participate in the process, and managers can execute against business goals more easily. The result: high-quality software delivered at the speed of business.

Rational's unique software development solution includes many Rational innovations that improve your ability to deliver with speed and quality - from standards-based modeling innovations to development Accelerators that jumpstart development efforts. Rational has a long history of delivering software engineering leadership, and will continue to deliver even more innovation through its products and participation in industry standards bodies.

Rational Ada Developer
Rational Ada Developer is powered by the IBM Rational Apex integrated development environment for Ada-based applications. It is part of an extensive suite of tools that provide support for modern software practices throughout the software lifecycle. These practices include:

  • Controlled iterative development to reduce risk and improve time-to-market
  • Object-oriented technology to simplify communication about real-world constructs
  • Architecture-based design to foster large-scale software reuse and software that is adaptable in response to changing operational conditions
  • Iterative testing throughout the entire development lifecycle

From initial high-level analysis through design, coding, testing, and debugging to maintenance, the Rational Ada Developer family helps you reduce the risks associated with developing complex software systems and helps you improve the quality of your software.

Rational Ada Developer is also integrated with a wide variety of Rational Suite products.