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            CSPI Inc
Phone: (800) 325-3110

Based in Billerica, Massachusetts, CSP Inc. MultiComputer Division supplies very dense high-performance cluster computing systems for the high-end scientific/technical and commercial computing markets as well as high-performance embedded systems for the signal/image processing market. Applications expertise, product innovation, strong technical support, and dedicated customer service make CSPI one of the industry's leading providers of high-performance cluster computer systems.

Applying its three plus decades of experience, the CSPI MultiComputer Division designs, manufactures, sells and services high-performance cluster computer systems for computer intensive applications needing tens to hundreds of processors interconnected with a very high bandwidth network. All the CSPI MultiComputer Division's current product are easily scalable to a very large size, are specially designed to require minimum space and power and are based upon open and standard hardware and software components.

The 2000 SERIES MultiComputer and FastCluster are the MultiComputer Division's newest products. Product improvements as well as complimentary products beneficial to both these product lines are continuously under development.