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CORBA Development Using ORBexpress for Java

This course will provide students with a hands-on working knowledge of both CORBA and the ORBexpress® product. The concepts of distributed object-oriented programming will be presented. The use of basic ORBexpress tools and illustrated examples (including the generated code) will be shown. This course is approximately half lecture and half programming exercises.

Java software developers and project team members who need a working, practical understanding of CORBA and ORBexpress.

Course Goals
This course will enable students to:

  1. Understand the goals and rationale behind CORBA
  2. Use ORBexpress and CORBA in their software development efforts
  3. Be familiar with both the basics and the advanced uses of ORBexpress
  4. Experience hands-on, practical examples of using ORBexpress for Java

No knowledge of CORBA, Distributed Object Computing or ORBexpress is needed nor assumed. Familiarity with Java and at least one Java compiler is necessary.

Three (3) days.

Each student will be provided with a PC or Workstation computer with both ORBexpress and the corresponding Java compiler installed. All computers will be connected on a LAN to enable client/server lab exercises.
Students will be provided with a copy of the instructor's slides, a paper copy of the product manuals, and a copy of current ORBexpress release notes and FAQs.

CORBA Development Class Outline

Day 1

Overview of ORBexpress Documentation
ORB Tool Components
CORBA Runtime Overview
Development Process Overview Lab
IDL Constructs and their Java Mapping

Day 2

CORBA Terminology and Concepts
Client Development I
Client Lab I
Client Development II
Client Lab II
Object Implementation
Object Implementation Lab

Day 3

Server Mainline I
Server Mainline Lab I
Server Mainline II
Server Mainline Lab II
Type "Any"
Type "Any" Mini-Lab
Final Lab

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