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Objective Interface Announces ORBexpress® 3.0

HERNDON, VA – December 7, 2015
– Objective Interface Systems, Inc. (OIS), the world’s leading provider of high-performance, real-time and embedded advanced integration solutions, today announced ORBexpress® 3.0, the world's first security-evaluated communications middleware.

Following the successful completion of the security evaluation of ORBexpress for the F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter program, the world's largest defense program, OIS has incorporated the evaluated changes it made to ORBexpress for that security evaluation into the generally available ORBexpress product. As a result, developers across a variety of different industries can now take advantage of the security-hardened architecture of ORBexpress while continuing to enjoy the fastest ORB available to them.

Using an evaluated communications middleware will save programs significant time and money by making it easier and faster to develop and certify secure systems using fully evaluated high-performance COTS communications middleware.

In addition to the security enhancements, ORBexpress 3.0 delivers improved support for multicore processors with weak memory reference models, making it easier for developers to write multi-threaded applications that can seamlessly take advantage of true parallel execution.

"This stringent security evaluation, conducted by a number of independent third parties, resulted in a more security-hardened design for ORBexpress," said Charles Rush, vice president of OIS. "By incorporating these changes we made into our generally available ORBexpress product, developers of mission-critical systems can enjoy heightened confidence in using ORBexpress to develop their systems which require high robustness and reliability."

"ORBexpress is the leading commercial communications middleware for developing high-performance and robust communications systems," said Steve Bernier, Chief Technology Officer of NordiaSoft Inc. "The successful security evaluation and incorporation into the generally available ORBexpress product is continued evidence of the high quality engineering and dedication that OIS brings to all of its products."

About OIS
OIS provides high-performance technologies for constructing high-performance and secure communications systems from tiny embedded systems to multi-enterprise, large-scale cloud computing infrastructures. OIS products empower users by providing unique data and cloud-based access capabilities. OIS products are used in complex and demanding environments such as aerospace, defense, automotive, telecommunication, finance and banking, medical equipment, robotics, industrial automation and other mission critical systems.

About ORBexpress
ORBexpress is an extremely fast, small-footprint framework for interprocess communication in real-time, embedded, or enterprise cloud computing systems. Based on the open standard Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA), the ORBexpress family of ORBs with language mappings for C++, Ada, C#, Java and VHDL are available on the widest combination of microprocessors, operating systems, and compilers in the industry. For more information and product evaluations, visit


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