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High Assurance Security Architecture at the Software Defined Radio Forum

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - November 15, 2004 - Executives of Objective Interface Systems, Inc. will present a half-day tutorial on how to build a secure, high assurance, real-time, Software Defined Radio (SDR) architecture at the yearly technical meeting of the SDR Forum here this week.

The tutorial includes a detailed discussion of the Multiple Independent Levels of Security/Safety (MILS) architecture, its impact on the use of SDR in military/aerospace applications and in mission-critical commercial applications.

The tutorial will be presented by Bill Beckwith, CEO/CTO and Joseph Jacob, Senior Vice President of Objective Interface.

"Software defined radio is critical to the next-generation military communications systems now being built," said Jacob. "But critical to deploying SDR effectively will be having systems that contain the right mix of high assurance, real-time and secure building blocks."

"The distributed computing nature of SDR in high risk environments," added Jacob, "makes it important that we ensure the secure and safe operation through such key MILS elements as secure partitionable kernel structures, secure partitioning communications middleware (the Partitioning Communications System) and a middleware applications environment based on a Real-time Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA)."

The underpinning of SDR is the Software Communications Architecture (SCA). The SCA uses Real-time CORBA as the framework that enables wireless communications equipment to dynamically learn new communications waveforms.

Objective Interface was funded by Air Force Research Labs to write high assurance security requirements for Real-time CORBA. Under the guidance of the National Security Agency, Objective Interface invented the concept of the Partitioning Communications System (PCS) as an extension to the MILS architecture. The result was a MILS architecture that works seamlessly with standards-based middleware like Real-time CORBA. Radios built on the SDR SCA framework with Real-time CORBA can easily incorporate the MILS high assurance security architecture with virtually no changes to the existing waveform software.

"We view MILS as the secure foundation to protect and enable Real-time CORBA-based SDR systems. Initially for building the most effective secure software-based radio system possible for mil/aero use and later for providing flexible and secure wireless communications for the commercial markets."

As a member of the Object Management Group, Objective Interface is leading the development of a real-time and MILS-compliant profile for CORBA.

In their half day tutorial on MILS, Beckwith and Jacob will cover a range of topics including the synergy between CORBA and MILS and how SDR vendors can use the combination to (1) build systems that separate component functions into separate secure partitions, (2) construct distributed SDR-based systems with middleware that operates in a secure manner and (3) use -time CORBA to rearrange system functions in ways that take advantage of the protection mechanisms that MILS provides.

What is Software Defined Radio?
Software Defined Radio (SDR) is a collection of hardware and software technologies that enable reconfigurable system architectures for wireless networks and user terminals. SDR provides an efficient and comparatively inexpensive solution to the problem of building multi-mode, multi-band, multi-functional wireless devices that can be enhanced using software upgrades. As such, SDR can be considered an enabling technology that is applicable across a wide range of areas within the wireless infrastructure, both military and commercial.

About Objective Interface
Objective Interface is a worldwide leader of embedded and real-time software communications solutions. The company provides real-time communications technologies including Real-time CORBA development tools to meet the high-performance needs of telecommunications, data- communications, industrial automation, consumer electronics, military and aerospace markets. Objective Interface products, sold worldwide, are used in a variety of real-time and embedded applications including telecommunication switches, network management, vehicle control systems, and nuclear fusion ignition facilities. For more information, visit, call 1-800-800-OIS7, or e-mail inquiries to

About the Software Defined Radio Forum
The SDR Forum is an international industry association of 100+ organizations committed to enabling the wireless Internet and advanced capabilities for civil and military systems. The Forum is dedicated to promoting the development, deployment and use of software defined radio for advanced wireless systems. To that end, the Forum promotes the development of global standards for SDR technologies for use in modules, products and network systems in conjunction with existing commercial standards for wireless networks. For more information, go to