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Connect Android Apps to Any Platform, Anywhere with ORBexpress® for Android™

HERNDON, VA – May 9, 2011
– Solving the problem of Android™ apps communicating with other devices, application developers can now use ORBexpress to connect their Android apps to any platform, anywhere, announced Objective Interface Systems, Inc. (OIS). Developers also solve the Android device fragmentation problem by using a standard interface on all platforms. ORBexpress for Android provides an easy-to-use communication protocol for connecting disparate systems. OIS is the world’s leading provider of high-performance communications middleware solutions.

As the popularity of mobile platforms increases, software developers are challenged with connecting and extending existing applications to mobile devices. The current Android SDK has a well-defined development interface for communication within the individual Android device environment but lacks a simple lightweight application-level abstraction for distributed communication. With ORBexpress for Android, integrating these applications across different systems is simplified. Using ORBexpress for Android, developers can now easily connect Android apps, regardless of the Android platform, to applications on desktops, laptops, enterprise servers, Android devices, and other mobile devices using a common protocol.

ORBexpress for Android enables applications to communicate real-time in the background while still maintaining an extremely responsive UI. ORBexpress fully supports multi-threaded distributed applications on all platforms. As a result, developers can communicate off the Android OS without impacting the application’s responsiveness. ORBexpress is a proven and reliable communications infrastructure that enhances time to market. Developers using ORBexpress for Android focus on their unique application development challenges, not building infrastructures.

“Communicating between apps on the Android device is easy, but connecting Android apps to other devices or other applications is a challenge. ORBexpress gives you an easy path to share information across your enterprise, regardless of the computing device,” said Charles Rush, Senior Vice President at OIS.  “ORBexpress simplifies the infrastructure, and shortens the development schedule required to connect Android devices to other applications regardless of location or platform.”

With ORBexpress, Android apps can now interoperate with existing applications everywhere. ORBexpress enables transparent Android app communication to enterprise applications and other devices across architectures, programming languages, and operating systems.

“ORBexpress acts as the communication mechanism on the Android device,” said Chuck Abbott, Senior Product Engineer at OIS. “This technology seamlessly opens up Android Apps to the world with the simplicity of an open standard framework that is widely deployed and well supported.”

About OIS
Objective Interface Systems, Inc. (OIS) is the global provider of communications middleware solutions for distributed and heterogeneous systems. OIS offers ultra-low latency, real-time connectivity software development tools for use in complex and demanding environments, such as aerospace, defense, automotive, telecommunications, financial, medical, and consumer electronics. The ORBexpress product family is widely deployed as a communications framework for inter-process communication.

ORBexpress is a high performance, secure real time implementation of the Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA) standard.  The ORBexpress product provides a common communication platform that is available on a variety of processors, operating systems, compilers, and in C++, Ada, Java and VHDL for FPGA implementations.  For more information and product evaluations, visit


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