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Middleware Matters

We just announced today that our partner, Communications Research Centre Canada (CRC) successfully ported a complete JTRS radio system, including an APCO P25 waveform, to an Android handset.

In one day.

They were able to do this because the Software Communications Architecture (SCA) uses CORBA as the communications framework. We spent the time and effort to port ORBexpress to the Android platform, so all CRC needed to do was get our ORBexpress for Android software to take care of the detailed communications architecture of the application.

This successful port by CRC shows the power of the SCA, and in particular the power of using a communications framework abstraction like ORBexpress. Moving to new devices, new versions of operating systems, new versions of compilers, etc., becomes easy because we do the hard work for you.

This also brings a new level of capability to the public-safety radio market, which is very price sensitive. CRC's work shows that public-safety radio manufacturers can take advantage of all of the benefits and new capabilities offered by software-defined radios, while keeping costs to a minimum by using commercial off-the-shelf hardware.

We'd love to talk to you more about how using ORBexpress can make your radio development faster, easier and cheaper. Ask us!