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Middleware Matters

Day 3 was the last day of the conference and classes. I attended all of Karim Yaghmour's classes. I believe he was by far the most knowledgeable and articulate person I encountered at the conference WRT to their subject matter. The three classes I attended were:

  • Android for Embedded Linux Developers
  • Understanding the Android System Server; and
  • Porting Android to New Hardware

These classes are an essential preparation for anyone who wants to do a port of Android to new hardware. Karim did an excellent job of discussing the differences of Android Linux from “vanilla” Linux. Prior to his classes, I was unsure just how different Android Linux is from “vanilla” Linux. Android Linux contains power management features, and the GPL and LGPL libraries were replaced with equivalent Apache libraries (for example, libc was replaced with bionic).

Day 3 was also the day that Google gave their keynote address. The Motorola XOOM and Honeycomb once again were the center of attention. The speakers did a good job walking us through the XOOM and Honeycomb but lacked the luster of the Motorola keynote. At the end of the Google keynote, I didn’t feel the desire to run up any hills.

All in all a good experience, the things that could have been better were:

  • The wireless Internet didn’t work for most folks (I didn’t use it so I didn’t suffer).
  • The hotel wireless wasn’t free (when it that ever a good thing?!?!). The last time I paid for Internet was in Europe.
  • The hotel shuttle only ran once an hour and God help you if you missed it because cabs were expensive.
  • There weren’t any Oprah moments. Many folks were hoping for a cool electronic device give-away and there were none.
  • The booths were strangely devoid of Android plush toys or tee shirts. Come on vendors, we have kids at home!!
  • Lunch lines were long on the last two days.

Let me know if you have any questions about the conference!