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Middleware Matters

Once again, ORBexpress has been picked as the ORB of choice for advanced, next generation radios and waveforms. We announced today that ITT Electronics Systems chose ORBexpress for its next generation software defined radios.

The JTRS program picked ITT to develop and build the Soldier Radio Waveform (SRW). This is an incredibly strategic piece in the US DoD's efforts to build a next generation mobile and adaptive communications network. The SRW will be used in hundreds of thousands of radios built by a lot of different companies. It massively advances the state-of-the-art on a number of different levels, including a two orders of magnitude improvement in throughput as well as dynamic, ad-hoc networking.

ITT also developed and built three different radios conforming to the JTRS radio specfication, the SCA. Their Rifleman Radio is a lightweight body-worn radio that lets Marines that have left their vehicles communicate with each other and their surrounding vehicles (even unmanned vehicles!). Their Soldier Radio lets soldiers do everything from simple push-to-talk communications to networked data communications. Their SideHat radio enables legacy SINCGARS radios to take advantage of these new networks buy adding a JTRS-compliant second channel to the ITT SINCGARS radios that are already used on more than 100 different vehicle platforms.

All of this was done by ITT with a laser-like focus on producing these radios in very small form factors. ITT was able to meet their goal by using the small footprint, high throughput performance of ORBexpress while taking advantage of our quick and responsive support. Kudos to ITT for a job well done (and kudos to our development and support engineers).